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Lunch & Nutrition

Afton School offers for $23.00 / month or $230 for the year, a service that provides a safe and comfortable lunchtime accommodation for students. Those interested in using our lunchtime supervision service must be registered. We require parents and students to complete the registration form and pay fees prior to participating in the program.  Students from Terra Losa, Summerlea and the Learning Strategies Program are exempt from these fees.

Afton School is a “nut free” school and lunches must not require heating as there will are no microwaves available for use.

For students that would like to stay on an occasional basis, a lunch pass may be purchased from the office at a cost of 10.50 for a 10 stays. 

Milk passes are also available for purchase from the office at a cost of 10.00 for 10 milks.  Students have the option of white or chocolate milk.

Students leaving the school to go out for lunch must provide a written note signed by their parent or guardian to their teacher.  Students must sign out at the office before leaving and sign back in upon their return.  Having students do this ensures their safety and helps us know where our students are.  Your assistance in ensuring your child has signed in and out is greatly appreciated.