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Arts Core

All our students receive Arts Core Programming.  While our curriculum fits the Alberta Program of Studies for Kindergarten to Grade six, we use dance, art, music and drama to enhance the process whenever possible, including beginning every afternoon with a five-minute music appreciation session. Each of the four arts disciplines is also offered as a distinct subject, allowing students to explore them in their truest form.

The Arts embody and record human imagination, culture and history. The Arts allow individuals to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a variety of modes, giving them a more powerful repertoire for self-expression.

An education in the Arts contributes to both society and the lives of individuals as they gain skills in music, visual art, dance and drama. The literary arts are offered through language arts programming. The Arts open avenues for innovation and invention, as well as fostering respect for individual, cultural and aesthetic diversity.

Education in the Arts:

  • Encourages an understanding of human experience both past and present
  • Provides opportunities to respond to, create and present works of art
  • Fosters  an appreciation of multiple perspectives and solutions
  • Builds intuition, problem solving and higher level thinking
  • Allows individuals to make informed aesthetic judgments
  • Provides opportunities for decision making where there are no standard answers
  • Develops attributes of self-discipline, the collaborative spirit and perseverance

The Arts are essential to the core of a rich and meaningful education. They lead to interdisciplinary studies involving authentic connections across the disciplines.